Hacks for Life: 11 Simple Life Hacks


Hacks for Life:- In our daily life there are several things that will be difficult but by applying easy household techniques we are able to tackle the problem easily, without any consequences, So we thought why don’t we put some ideas in front of you all to help everyone in their daily activities. We assure you these hacks for life will surely going to help you at some point in your life. Use household items to get rid of your problems like a pro. Let’s discuss the 11 simple life hacks for life.

11 Simple Life Hacks for Life

1. Smelly Shoes Solution:- When your shoes smell funny You can use tea bags,  lemon, or lime peel into the shoes as desiccants when your shoes smell bad. They do the job well.

2. Insect Bite Solution:- Vicks VapoRub which we use for headache and pain can act like Insect repellent, You can use it on Mosquitos bites, Ant bites, or any other itching. Just rub a small portion on the insect bite and you will get instantly ease.

3. Make food hot:- If you are a hostler then you must try this out You can make perfect grilled sandwiches by simply wrapping the sandwich in foil and a layer of cloth over it, and ironing away for a good 30-40 seconds. Not just that, your iron can double up as a makeshift electric stove … only, make sure your makeshift stand is sturdy to hold the iron from rolling over.

4. White teeth solution:- Getting Whiter teeth is everyone’s dream so we are giving you the solution for whiter and brighter teeth, gently rub the inner side of the peel of the banana around your teeth. Teeth will absorb the minerals and get whiter.

5. Checking Batteries or cell:- To check the Batteries If they Good or not, Drop the batteries on the table from about 6 inches, If they bounce less and fall right over It means they are good.


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6. Remove Stains from clothes:- If You got stains on your white clothes, It becomes a big mess because cloth get ruined from these stains but here is a simple technique to remove stains from white cloth, Apply baking soda to that part, Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse and scrub the stain off or put the cloth into the washing machine.

 7. Soothe a minor burn:- When you got slightly burn then Quick – apply some mint toothpaste into the area to deliver a temporary cooling effect.

 8. Key Identification hacks:-  You can use different color nail polish to identify different keys. 

9. Kitchen Hacks:- Put a wooden spoon across a boiling pot to keep it from boiling over, this will be a good hack for persons who are working in kitchens.

10. Fresh Banana Hacks:- Keep Plastic wrap on Banana stems to make them stay fresh over a week or longer, Cut the Bananas when you needed.

11. Cloths arrangement hacks:-  Stack the cloths vertically in your drawer to see them all and you can place more clothes in less space.

Try these techniques in your day to day life and get ease from your problems, Stay tuned with us for more interesting articles here on this space.

Happy Living!

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