What is the Difference between TT and TC

Many of us get confused between TT and TC, So it’s necessary to differentiate these two. You should get clarity between TT and TC. Both of these come under Railway Jobs. We categories these under reputed jobs and many of us have a dream to qualify these exams.

These two are very similar types of jobs both work with the ticket handling department and responsible for checking the tickets differently. It’s confusing to differentiate these two’s whose works are almost the same. 

TC (Ticket Collector) 

Ticket Collector or, TC checks tickets on Platforms, they are in the in-charge of Platform, They check tickets of Passengers on Railway Station, If they find any guilty like anyone doesn’t have the ticket then they charge according to the rules or give people a proper solution. They have proper uniforms (a Black Coat), but they must carry a badge and Id Card with themselves. 

TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner)

 Travelling Ticket Examiners are working on Running Trains, They check the passenger’s ticket on the train. They are in uniforms and must have a badge and an ID Card with them. The TTE Generally found on long-distance trains where complications are more.

Their works are as follows:-

  • Rightly Allot the seats to the passengers
  • Fine the passengers who don’t have the tickets.
  • Manage the trains properly while running

In short, we can say that TC works on Platforms and TTE works on Trains. Both are in black coats have an ID Card and a Badge. 

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