What is Jira, Why use Jira software

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Everyone must have this question in mind what is Jira software, why we use it, and what is the need for Jira software We are here to answer all your queries related to Jira. It is developed by Atlassian company. GIT and confluence are also created by Atlassian

Jira Products

  • Jira work management
  • Jira Software
  • Jira software management

What is Jira?

Jira is a project management tool, Jira is known for the project management software solutions in the world. With Jira Software, agile teamscan dynamically manage scrum management, software development, bug tracking, professional service management, marketing, content management, and much more.

  • Track Project work status
  • Tracks Bugs and issues
  • Teamwork and time tracking

Who should learn Jira Software

  • Developers
  • Testing team
  • Business analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Product owner

Why use Jira Software

  • One-stop solution for project management
  • No need to create other documents like FRD, BRD, and Excel
  • Project work and bugs can be managed properly and transparently
  • Communication becomes easy
  • Multiple projects can be handled
  • Charts and graphs will help the project progress

Workflow of Jira Software

Project Configuration>>>Plan a Version>>>(Plant sprint>Run sprint>End Sprint)>>>> Release version>>>Wrap up project

Jira Instance

There are two types of instances in Jira software
Server instance: Set up Jira software on the hosting server, Useful for large-size companies.
Cloud Instance: Setup Jira software on atlassian.com, No server cost required, No need to update from time to time.

why Jira is so popular


No other tool persuades with such high flexibility to individualize tasks, functions, and projects in such a way. For various use cases like project management, bug tracking up to customer support 


    • With Jira, don’t have to adapt to the tool; the management system simply adjusts to the dynamic needs of different teams. Whether you work in an agile or waterfall model, it doesn’t matter with it. Either way, It can give your management a boost.


    • Numerous extensions, integrations, and plug-ins are waiting for you to adapt the powerful tool even more individually to your specific needs.


    • Jira’s excellent scalability is a compelling reason to use the tool. After all, It can easily grow with your business and idea and can be deployed at any size company.


    • This software was originally developed for software teams, but it is also easy to use for users without any technical knowledge.


    • Digital collaboration between remote teams is immensely simplified by Jira. Teams can exchange comments and feedback in real-time.

Reporting capabilities

    • Jira software allows managers to gain instant visibility into the performance of their teams to measure progress and identify bottlenecks. Sprint reports velocity charts, version reports, or even burnup and burndown charts are an ideal start for reporting.

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